I have a stash of blank journals. Well meaning, lovely friends have given them to me over the years so I can write all my erudite jottings in them. I have a confession. Most of them are still blank. I write in scruffy old notebooks or school exercise books . The main reason is my fear of a blank page / beautiful journal (Vacansopapurosophobia, I believe, is the term).

Do you know what I mean? Some journals are so lovely that I feel anxious about sullying the pages with my inadequate scribbles – writer’s performance anxiety. I even got myself some therapy to help overcome this. I have to say it is working. And now I’m forcing myself to harden up. Of course, its much easier to do things you feel anxious about when you have a friend holding your hand, which is part of the reason I love collaborations so much.

Creative collaborations are a bit like going to yoga with a girlfriend – you have to go because she’s expecting you to and you don’t feel like such a dork huffing on your mat when she’s there. Then afterwards you can have a cup of tea and giggle about the pose you couldn’t quite hold.

Writing is a lonely process; I guess that’s why I enjoy workshops and blogging, because of the feedback and contact with others. Behind the published poems are rejection letters, screwed up pages and poems that sit in a drawer for years. There are days, even weeks or months where nothing seems to happen so here’s where we show a warts and all look at our trials and tribulations, kick starts, ideas to get going. Come along for the ride try out some of the ideas and exercises that we steal from around the blogosphere , post them on your own blog or join the flickr group . Let us know what you think.