Hey Helen-

It was great to see you pushing through your fears to make these journal pages – you are a natural, I think!

I have always journaled. I have a cupboard of journals dating back to the 1980s. This project, though, is a great way forward for me with journaling. It’s more public, more exposing and I love to collaborate. I find collaboration energising and motivating.

The things getting in the way of my creativity lately are king-sized feelings of inadequacy, a lack of confidence and self-belief and fears that I don’t actually possess the talent needed to get somewhere as a writer. I worry that I am more of a follower than an innovator…that I’m not clever enough, new enough or exciting enough.

How is that for a big old pile of angst?

I love the first page you did in the leaf journal – that image of the little girl playing house is often how I feel as a mother/wife/house-owner! Like, “Oh wow – this is it! This is my adult life. Crazy!” and also, “How did I get here?”

Do you think our blog readers will get confused with all the ‘dear Helen’, ‘love, Helen’ stuff?

Not so weird, though, because in a way we are writing to ourselves, right?

Love, Helen