This week’s poem needs to be displayed as a pdf, which won’t fit on this page. I’m dashing off to work and don’t have time to fix it up, eek! But you can read it over at Show Your Workings.

Johanna lives in Palmerston North with her partner and 13-month-old son, Lennox. She has published

two books, A long girl ago (VUP) (Shortlisted for the 2008 Montana New Zealand Book Awards) and

Oh My God I’m Flying (Pemmican Press). She teaches creative writing at Massey University and

College Street Normal School.

Jo says:

This poem was written a long time ago–perhaps a year and a half ago–and I resurrected it as a result

of the wonderful Tuesday Night Poetry Club at Barista Cafe on George Street founded by current Massey

Writer-In-Residence, Jennifer Compton. Jen suggested that I “go hard out” and play around with fonts,

and just have a whole lot of fun with the poem. She also psychoanalised the poem (me?), and this is what

what she said (in brief): “You lacerate yourself. You want to compete, but you beat yourself up about it.”

Joan Fleming from the LUMIERE READER:

The deliberate disorientations in this collection are reined in by its emotional earnestness. Aitchison’s lively experimentations step outside the parameters set up by much contemporary, lyric New Zealand poetry – and that’s a breath of sea air.

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