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Latest in the leaf journal – fox page by HL, lady writer by HH.

It’s funny, I didn’t notice the fur connection until after it was done. Ideas have been racing around like a skulk of foxes lately and words are getting bashed out on the keyboard. Happily.

I’m excited, just posted back the leaf journal today, will hold back from posting a pic until HL gets it, so nice to be mucking around with glue and paper again. Also been updating the other blog and re-did the banner, what do you think?  I’m catching up on my reading this week, it involves a lot of sitting by the fire with cups of tea 🙂

Here’s some gratuitous eye candy to hold you over:

New in the Leaf Journal:


Inspired by HH’s cake tour of Melbourne – I made this image.

The text (from a vintage childrens’ book) says: ‘She bought some honey and rose leaf meringues and two loaves of violet petal bread.’


HH responded with the above collage. (We are big on the cake theme!)

The text says:
Atomic Housewife – so easily satisfied.

‘The year 2000 used to seem so far ahead into the future – we would all be eating pills for dinner and driving spaceships – but already it is slipping into the past.’

New in the Daler Journal:


I made this one, last year. The text says:

‘If you can raise your eyes up from time to time and take in the horizon you will remember that there is and wild and lovely world beyond the parametres of your small and dusty brain, your stale thoughts.

Look into this.’

To which HH responded with her experiences playing around with Keri Smith’slatest art exploration books:


‘Poking holes into this page using a pencil – frees me up!’



on Keri Smith’s manifesto ‘How To Be An Explorer of the World’ Helen says:

‘(a colour photocopied page) from my new personal journal. Addicted. Doodles are good & idea 23 ‘Document shapes made by water’. Try this!


It’s been rather a long time since I updated the journal project on here. Sorry about that! These pages were actually made late last year, early this year….somehow now it is March.

I have been very busy back inside that aforementioned dusty brain. However, it’s bright and fresh out here in the world – & it’s nice to be back.

No we haven’t forgotten about our blog ;).

Life is busy, this page from Helen Lehndorf in the Leaf Journal.

Have a guess what I’ll be journalling about on the opposite page.

Hey Helen-

It was great to see you pushing through your fears to make these journal pages – you are a natural, I think!

I have always journaled. I have a cupboard of journals dating back to the 1980s. This project, though, is a great way forward for me with journaling. It’s more public, more exposing and I love to collaborate. I find collaboration energising and motivating.

The things getting in the way of my creativity lately are king-sized feelings of inadequacy, a lack of confidence and self-belief and fears that I don’t actually possess the talent needed to get somewhere as a writer. I worry that I am more of a follower than an innovator…that I’m not clever enough, new enough or exciting enough.

How is that for a big old pile of angst?

I love the first page you did in the leaf journal – that image of the little girl playing house is often how I feel as a mother/wife/house-owner! Like, “Oh wow – this is it! This is my adult life. Crazy!” and also, “How did I get here?”

Do you think our blog readers will get confused with all the ‘dear Helen’, ‘love, Helen’ stuff?

Not so weird, though, because in a way we are writing to ourselves, right?

Love, Helen